Human Condition

from by Alien Dregs

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what the fuck is wrong with us
a hateful, jealous, greedy mass
hell-bent on growth, over consumption
purveyors of our own destruction,
slavery, world wide oppression
control through war, law and religion
is this some sick social affliction
or just the human condition
self-righteously we judge each other
for some small sense of superiority
and to increase our own self worth
we're not a community, we're a bunch of jerks
a group of shallow misanthropes
who seek compliments to stroke our egos
and in return we criticize, diminish and ostracize
compartmentalize and generalize
don't even try to sympathize
or take a look at our own lives
and admit we share what we despise
so violent is our rejection of what we can't understand
a fear based defense mechanism,
emotions we can't comprehend
is this really human nature or animal instinct that hasn't evolved
are we destined to feed on each other
or from consciousness can we rise above
would we even want to make things better
or is being awful just more fun
we pride ourselves on our intelligence
but the way we act is fucking dumb
a bunch of selfish narcissists
deluded of our experience
self-important, condescending, yet conform to be accepted
and when things don't go our way we brood in our own misery
and whine about what we've been slighted
as if we're so fucking entitled
We're All Assholes


from Alien Dregs Demo, released April 22, 2015



all rights reserved


Mindless Attack Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Formed in February of 2011. We play punk.

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