Mindless Attack 7"

by Mindless Attack

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Chris Great band with a "punk as fuck" attitude. Favorite track: Don't Tell Me What To Do.
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All songs written by Mindless Attack
Released February of 2013
Jointly Released by Mindless Attack and Cephia's Treat Recordings (www.cephiastreat.com)


released February 1, 2013

Recorded and mixed by Jonny Wray
Mastered by Alex Nagel
Cover Art by Christine Jones
Drums- Lance
Guitar/ Back-Up Vocals- Noah
Bass/ Vocals- Kevin



all rights reserved


Mindless Attack Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Formed in February of 2011. We play punk.

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Track Name: Kill Count
400 new kill count, another dead kid on the ground
another son died in the street 'cause of the systems ignorance
I don't want to die like this, shot full of holes from the police
gang violence is all around, they just shut the city down

it don't matter how hard you try when on the street is where you'll die
government lets it go on 'cause the poor ain't shit to them
just put more cops on the street, they'll bust the heads of the innocent
listen here son, watch your tone, when you live in a war zone

400 new kill count, another dead kid on the ground
another dead, another died, but no one else seems to ask why.
It's hard to put your faith in a system that don't give a shit
take more money from the poor, don't help out just lock your door

400 new kill count, another dead kid on the ground
I wonder if they'd give a shit if he was a son of the rich
then we'd see them get things done, then they'd think of the problem
maybe it's not the poor but the life we create that they can't afford
Track Name: Consumer Induced Poverty
I do what corporates tell me
They say where to spend my money
Consumer induced poverty
It's the kind of thing I teach my family
Just be a good company man, spend your money fast as you can

My free time's spent TV watchin'
Commercials tell me what I'm wantin'
It seems I want the new i-phone
I want to be judged by what I own
I'm just a good company man, spend my money fast as I can

Consumer induced poverty
We're all slaves to industry
Oppressive economy
Is this how are lives have to be?
Still we're all good company men, spend our money fast as we can
Track Name: Love
Fucking bitch, you lied to me
But I'm not mad 'cause now I see
The world for what it really is
There is no love, it don't exist
Track Name: Destined To Fail
All my life I've been like this
Can't give a damn, don't give a shit
Try so hard, the best I can
Just don't like the man I am
Born to lose, destined to fail, spent so long in this living hell

I'm lying if I say I like it this way
Tried so hard but I just can't change
I guess I'm just not good enough
Hate myself, I'm such a putz
Born to lose, destined to fail, don't want to be in this living hell

I can't believe how dumb I am
There's nothing that I understand
Been this way for all my life
Just can't wait until I die
Born to lose, destined to fail, take me out of this living hell
Track Name: Don't Tell Me What To Do
Don't tell me how to cut my hair, don't tell me what to wear
Don't tell me how to live my life 'cause I don't really care
You think that you know better, but I got news for you
I don't like society and I don't like you

it's my life, it's my life, don't tell me what to do........FUCK YOU

I don't believe in fate, I make my own luck
I don't look towards the future 'cause I don't give a fuck
You think I'm just some kid with my head in the clouds
But I'm gonna take your fucking world and burn it fucking down
Track Name: I Can't Get My Head Straight
I'm a runaway car down in a ditch but I can't slow down 'cause I got the itch
Keep on trying to get my life on track but I always end up derailing myself
Try to better my situation but I'm all fucked up and inebriated
Know exactly what I have to do but I just end up getting all confused

I can't get my head straight

Can't remember yesterday. I can feel my mind just slipping away
See no future, no end to this road. I'm just a young dumb kid getting to damn old
Had to choose between beer and food and I drank all my choice this afternoon
Break my back to make another man rich and I have to come home to some nagging bitch
Track Name: Mindless Attack
I feel sick, sick sick sick
Always anxious, always pissed
Paranoid tremmers and ticks
Blacking out from violent fits
Tired of this way of life
Have to change things, need to try
Rise above, start to fight back
Got no plan, mindless attack