by Mindless Attack

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released June 1, 2011

Lance- Drums
Noah- Guitar/ Back-up Vocals
Kevin- Bass/ Vocals



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Mindless Attack Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Formed in February of 2011. We play punk.

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Track Name: I Can't Get My Head Straight
I'm a runaway car down in a ditch but I can't slow down 'cause I got the itch
Keep on trying to get my life on track but I always end up derailing myself
Try to better my situation but I'm all fucked up and inebriated
Know exactly what I have to do but I just end up getting all confused
I can't get my head straight
Can't remember yesterday. I can feel my mind just slipping away
See no future, no end to this road. I'm just a young dumb kid getting to damn old
Had to choose between beer and food and I drank all my choice this afternoon
Break my back to make another man rich and I have to come home to some nagging bitch
Track Name: Destined To Fail
All my life I've been like this
Can't give a damn, don't give a shit
Try so hard, the best I can
Just don't like the man I am
Born to lose, destined to fail, spent so long in this living hell
I'm lying if I say I like it this way
Tried so hard but I just can't change
I guess I'm just not good enough
Hate myself, I'm such a putz
Born to lose, destined to fail, don't want to be in this living hell
I can't believe how dumb I am
There's nothing that I understand
Been this way for all my life
Just can't wait until I die
Born to lose, destined to fail, take me out of this living hell
Track Name: Buyers Are Liars
I lost my teeth, buyers are liars
on the street
in a world made of stone
liars on the phone
in a hazardous home
you are all alone
in a lot filled with trash
we scramble for cash
Track Name: Raise The Rent/ Today's Slave
I don't vote because I don't care
about a country who is morally bare
who's politicians just want pay checks
and rather rape then represent
the people they're sworn to protect
we are all blind just raise the rent
You're vote don't count both sides the same
ruling the country is a corporate game
your only voice is the dollar you spend
they give less to you, you give more to them
modern slavery is what its called
they might as well pay us in food and oil
Track Name: Pushed Aside
"Run it like a corporation" tactics of government and education.
"compromise integrity" but what becomes of you and me?
the sacrificial lambs of profit, pushed aside and forgotten.
when greed becomes their only goal there's no place left for us to go. No Place To Go.
If they don't make enough money they'll just close down a library
or shut down after school programs.
The rich stay rich, the poor be damned.
big salaries for those in charge while they fail the ones they serve.
our ends should be a higher culture, the means should raise up those who are poor. Raise Up The Poor
Let us not forget their purpose: to educate and gives us service
in the things that will better our lives. not grind us down and victimize.
not hang us out to fucking dry, if profits aren't on the rise.
we are one world we deserve more. build up our culture, raise up our poor. Raise Up The Poor.