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by Alien Dregs

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All songs written by Alien Dregs.
Recorded at Pageant Soloveev in Philadelphia PA, April of 2015.
Mixed and Mastered by Jared Burak
Lowest Fidelity #14


released April 22, 2015

Mike Grim- Drums
Jared Burak- Guitar and Vocals
Kevin Esposito- Bass and Vocals

Thank you Daniel Dalseth



all rights reserved


Mindless Attack Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Formed in February of 2011. We play punk.

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Track Name: Identity Crisis
Do you need and alter ego
Are you some super hero
Or do you use the same name that you've always gone by
Birth certificate attached, documented life

And if someone has a problem with something you say
Are you gonna hide behind a figure of anonymity
Or Stand up proud and take responsibility
Are these your words, is this your life, or is it just a game
'cause when they come for you kid, you better be fucking ready

Do you need a new identity
To break off from society
or is it just some fabricated persona to support your rock star image
Is this who you've always been or is it just another phase

And when someone has a problem with something you say
Is it a problem with you or a character you play
Just how strong are your convictions when you step off the stage
Are these your words, is this your life, or is it just a game
'cause if they come for you kid, you better be fucking ready
Track Name: Don't Panic
don't panic when shit falls apart
don't panic when the riots start
don't panic when stores start to close
people boarding up their homes
don't panic when the lights go out
don't panic when the water stops
don't panic when you don't have a gun
and you think that you need one
don't panic when your loved ones are on the floor covered with blood
don't panic when they come for you, there's nothing really you can do
don't panic when they string you up, just to see what you're made of
don't panic when you're forced to kill, forced to be an animal
don't panic when the cites burn
and you have to leave your home
don't panic when you start to see
just how sick people can be
don't panic when you're on your own
cold and wet and all alone
don't panic when you're out of food
there's nothing left for you to lose
don't panic when you start to starve and things want to eat you alive
don't panic when the monsters come, don't panic when you have to run
don't panic when you're out of breath, at least you know you've tried your best
don't panic when you're forced to die, it's just another part of life
Track Name: Take My Place
I'm the asshole
Cast the first stone
Take my place
Track Name: No Hope
Lets keep on going
till every last corner of the earth's exploited
there's still unexplored parts of the ocean that James Cameron hasn't whacked off in
and under each and every stone is a way to profit off of someones home
but the money fracked up gets kept by the rich
so they can make the bed we end up laying in
so what are we supposed to do
when the droughts dry up all of our food
when a county side full of toxic fumes
leads to urban sprawl that leaves our ozone ruined
when we got less jobs than we got people
when we got less doctors than we got need for
when they wont except your health plan anyway
'cause their contingency plan's to leave the poor for dead
When there's no hope left
The point of no return has past
kiss your ass goodbye and brace yourself for the crash
because it's obvious this system won't last
and the poor get buried when governments collapse
and this shits all ready caving in so we're all fucked
there's no hope and we're all fucked
Seems like the root of every problem
always leads back to capitalism, prejudice, and over population
and there doesn't seem to be any solution
that doesn't infringe on peoples rights to reproduce or consume what they like
step aside if you're the quitting type
in spite of it all we still fight
when there's no hope left
Track Name: Human Condition
what the fuck is wrong with us
a hateful, jealous, greedy mass
hell-bent on growth, over consumption
purveyors of our own destruction,
slavery, world wide oppression
control through war, law and religion
is this some sick social affliction
or just the human condition
self-righteously we judge each other
for some small sense of superiority
and to increase our own self worth
we're not a community, we're a bunch of jerks
a group of shallow misanthropes
who seek compliments to stroke our egos
and in return we criticize, diminish and ostracize
compartmentalize and generalize
don't even try to sympathize
or take a look at our own lives
and admit we share what we despise
so violent is our rejection of what we can't understand
a fear based defense mechanism,
emotions we can't comprehend
is this really human nature or animal instinct that hasn't evolved
are we destined to feed on each other
or from consciousness can we rise above
would we even want to make things better
or is being awful just more fun
we pride ourselves on our intelligence
but the way we act is fucking dumb
a bunch of selfish narcissists
deluded of our experience
self-important, condescending, yet conform to be accepted
and when things don't go our way we brood in our own misery
and whine about what we've been slighted
as if we're so fucking entitled
We're All Assholes
Track Name: Crawl
Run on empty
Getting nowhere
Turn my head off